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GAM.r, the gamepad only for Galaxy Note II, is made available widely in the
newest games and various emulator games by using 12 control buttons in
total. By using USB OTG(On-The-Go) communication method, it can be
used simultaneously as connected, without complicated procedure as
Bluetooth paring. Besides, it is operated by smartphone's electric power, on
account of which you can escape from the inconvenience of battery
charging or replacement. You can easily and simultaneously charge and
enjoy games by connecting smartphone charging line with USB port on the
back. What's more, if you put a pen into the pen holder, then it changes to
smartphone holder, you can use multimedia function conveniently. At this
time, if you combine FN key with many other keys, you can easily operate
various function such as before, next, play/stop, volume up, volume down,
et cetera. Furthermore, GAM.r can be used in a variety of environment, for
example not only for smartphone, but also in PC(Windows). Enjoy games
dynamically by exceeding the limit of controlling touch games!
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